Here’s To

Here’s To

A brief one as I stand in line for 2018

Here’s to the one who said it was going to be fine, when I was sure it wasn’t.

To the one who wanted a catch up but didn’t let me say a thing.

To the one whose actions contradict their words

To the one who didn’t ask questions and just sent support

To the one who never makes me feel welcome

To the one who thought I had no feelings of my own to hurt.

To the ones I hurt more than I knew.

To the one I wish I ended things better with

To the friends I disappointed by my own lack of courage or back bone

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Dear 2012 Me

Dear 2012 Me

Dear Sinéad,

Well, how do I put this?

You’ve made it to college and it’s nothing like you think it is. You have all these bright fresh ideas in your head and are preparing to dominate. You’re going to join thirty societies, you’re going to ace The Phil maidens debate, you’re going to pass all your classes and still have a social life and plenty of rest.

You poor thing.

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Difficult Decisions

Difficult Decisions

We all come across them. Those niggling little choices that you have to make, most often in a short time frame. I’m an expert at avoiding them and that usually means that the longer it gets, the harder it is to bite the bullet and just decide.

I knew once I finished college that difficult decisions would arise but I definitely didn’t think they would come around this fast (lol @ me for naivety).

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Stop Striving For The Perfection You Think Someone Else Has

Stop Striving For The Perfection You Think Someone Else Has

Every now and then, I go through phases of wanting to improve myself, where I take mental clippings of things that inspire me and strive to attain them, or at least copy them to the best of my ability.

I identify who I want to be (at least for the moment) and trawl through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, to see how it can be done. It’s this weird, heart-in-the-throat kind of feeling. A kind of excitement, a feeling that I am going to be better than ever, that I am going to be the IT girl who can do everything and anything.

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It’s Not You, It’s Definitely Me

It’s Not You, It’s Definitely Me

I feel like this is some kind of 4pm slump Buzzfeed article. You know, one of those that try to change your life with deep, meaningful posts that you tend to forget about once you take that quiz on ‘What IKEA furniture are you?’

I promise it won’t be like that.

I wrote this piece last year to air my own grievances (which may be considered an immature reason to write such a post in the first place, especially one that deals with a topic like this) for the simple reason that I don’t believe that one’s anger and frustration should interfere when offering advice.

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Advice For My 16 year-old self

Advice For My 16 year-old self

This is a post I wrote a while back but I feel as though it is still incredibly accurate. The Christmas I was sixteen, I got a book from my Dad called ‘Letters to My Sixteen Year Old Self”. In it were tips and pieces of advice from singers, actors, journalists, writers and others for their teenage selves.

Reading through it, it’s quick to notice that the people we consider to be in the public eye were once teenagers struggling through the same problems that you did, to know that some of the most successful people out there also felt a bit unattractive, inadequate, stressed out or unpopular at times.  At the time, it was a sobering and reassuring thought.

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Lessons Learned for a 22 Year Old

Lessons Learned for a 22 Year Old

There are two reasons why I have been absent for the last two weeks. Firstly, I was travelling Eastern Europe, and whilst there is plenty to blog about, there is just not enough time. I have taken out my Mac once, probably twice, during the holiday, and that was just to check in for my flight home. The other reason, and I’m going to word this carefully, is that I had a minor mental upheaval, shall we say.

I don’t want to use the word ‘breakdown’ because it wasn’t. And serious mental breakdowns have happened to many people close to me, so I wouldn’t want to belittle what they went through for the sake of a few days where I felt less than good. But nevertheless, the feelings are valid and over the last few weeks I gave myself the time to just think and feel anything. So I did. And I realised a lot of things, things that I was, or had become, that didn’t sit well with me.

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What I Learned From Four Years in College

What I Learned From Four Years in College

I could absolutely start this post and write out every single political theory I learned, how the opinions that French historians had of The Resistance changed constantly over the last century, or why the left is failing in Irish politics.

I mean, I could. But I won’t.

These are things I learned in college, not things I learned from college. These aren’t facts I present to an employer in a bid to hire me.

I have a capacity to learn dates, to follow theory, but I hardly doubt my opinion on Joan Didion is going to bag me that internship (or perhaps it will, if I find another Didion-lover like myself).

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