6 Lessons I’ve Learned From My First Office Job

6 Lessons I’ve Learned From My First Office Job

Hello New Graduates

Welcome to the Real World of taxes, graduate programmes, conferences, long client phone calls, and insurance. It’s not a pretty one. In fact, it often gets really, really ugly. Gone are the days where having four classes in a day was a justifiable complaint, when you could skip a lecture every now and then, where you spent all day and all night labouring over an essay like you were giving birth. Now you’re into what they have been complaining about for decades – the dreaded 9-5.

There are many things you won’t miss. The exams, the study, the essays, the meetings with lecturers or speaking out at seminars but the stress and emotions associated with them, they now come in different forms. You will still stress about writing papers, submitting reviews, passing interview questions or questions from your superiors. Deadlines still exist, as do hangovers, correct email etiquette matters now more than ever but it’s not all bad – in fact, you begin to relish evenings, weekends and bank holidays where you don’t have to come home to more work.

Sure, work life can be stressful but at least you’re spared of the constant fear of how your performance will impact your grade nine months down the road.

I’m out of college 18 months now and I’m in my first office job just over four months – I’ve had stints in shops and internships in the meantime – and I think I’ve learned more from being a so-called “professional” than a student. It’s as if college life prepared you for the basics but nothing can prepare you for everything that it contains.

I’ve prepared six lessons I’ve learned from the last few months of full time office work – including my internship – that I would have loved to have known when I graduated. Remember that starting a full time job is the first step on a very long ladder. You can’t see where it ends but you know that taking that step will bring you closer to whatever it is.

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September has been a busy one. It was the first full month at my new job which comes with its own challenges itself but also the first full month of me actively trying to find balance in my life. There were some ups and some downs (literally… I fell down the stairs) but I feel much better about things than I did one month ago.

Here are the four things this month that kept me busy:

Gilmore Girls

Dear Amy Sherman-Palladino,

I am so sorry I ever called this show boring.

I managed to binge watch the entire first season of Gilmore Girls in a week, which is impressive for me given that I was never one for Netflix binge watching and that the episodes are approx 40mins long.

But God, I am so sorry for ever calling this TV show boring.

I was only eleven when I first saw it and I guess I just didn’t get it. Why was there such a big deal over Lorelai being so young? Why on earth would you call your daughter Rory? I had pretty much judged it before I could actually mature and appreciate it.

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10 Ways I Tackle Boredom

10 Ways I Tackle Boredom

It’s something we’re all familiar with. That feeling of staleness, of repeating the motions to the point you can do them in your sleep. It’s not pleasant. And often, we’re sucked into it before we even know it. It’s exactly how I’m feeling at the moment.

I’m in that all too familiar limbo period between getting a job and waiting for it to start. I don’t have the finances to take a short break or to do something different every single day. I get up late, I wander around until I decide to go get a coffee and waste some more time until my rehearsals begin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely loving this time off from college and work life, it’s what 21 year old me would have died for, but there are days when I have this little bubble of sadness in my chest at how I have nothing to do.

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Surviving Your First Week of College

Surviving Your First Week of College

So this is the first time in EIGHTEEN YEARS that I’m not returning to full-time education. Yes, someone out there thinks that it’s a good idea for me to fend for myself in the real world. Hilarious, right? I’m nowhere equipped for it so to ignore the loud noise of unemployment, I’ve decided to pop up a few tips that got me through that first week of classes.

1) A good laptop

Ah yes, the old PC vs Mac debate. Look, get whatever brand you want but bear in mind, it needs to be durable enough to get you through most of your three/four years, and light enough to carry around campus all day.

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Why Not Getting My First Choice Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened

Why Not Getting My First Choice Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened

This is a bit of a long one so go get some coffee before you read it.

It has almost been a week since the CAO offers arrived and I will still bet that there are many, many students out there panicking about what they received. Life feels like it’s pointless, you feel as though you’ll never get where you want to be now in life with your third or fourth choice, you’re a failure, there’s no point even accepting the offer, just give up.

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