The Humble Loafer

The Humble Loafer

Loafers are in. Well, they’ve never been not in but this season, they’re definitely in. And I’ve never owned a pair. I wore boat shoes in school, polished black to match the school’s requirements of black, flat shoes but they were flimsy and definitely not as high quality as the classic Dubarrys that everyone wore.

In Autumn, I am glued to boots. The minute it begins to feel cold, I have my boots on. Riding boots, ankle boots, Chelsea boots – I have them all, in a range of colours (black AND brown) and once on, they don’t come off until March. I could own seven pairs of Chelsea boots, every single one black, and not get tired. But this year, I found myself wanting something different.

Working in an office has given me a new eye, and appreciation, for the smart-casual work aesthetic. You know, what’s now Normcore after Normcore became a little less boring. I’ve begun to come around to the idea of a pair of smart shoes that I can wear to the office that aren’t heels, boots, or worse – heeled boots.

So I’ve been scouring online to see what’s out there and here’s what I’ve found. Now, I know Office dominate this list. Many places have got the classic loafer but I wanted colour and Office had them. Hail Office for they truly are the kings of colourful, practical shoes.


Ice Cream Party

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Va-Va Velvet

Va-Va Velvet

Okay the title doesn’t completely work but bear with me here, I’m making a venture into fashion. Yes, I did say that this blog can do anything, didn’t I?

So, I was wistfully looking through Vogue this morning and THE VELVET TREND IS BACK. I’m delighted, ecstatic, as you would say, completely beside myself. Velvet is everywhere, right from accessories to clothes to homeware, and is, hands down, the nicest of all fabrics out there, bar satin of course. Satin is to die for.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve seen in velvet this week so far. What a time to be alive!

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