Kerry (or at least 1/10 of it)

Kerry (or at least 1/10 of it)

As this post is mainly photo-based, I’ll keep the text short.

Killarney = beautiful

Muckross Park Hotel and Spa = incredible

Kerry = stunning

Will I go back? Yes

Hotel? Trivago













It’s Always Snowing in Wicklow

It’s Always Snowing in Wicklow

I’m going to keep the text brief as the photos speak for themselves.

Myself and two of my very close friends took a trip down to Glendalough on Saturday to catch the last of the snow. Usually this place is BUZZING with tourists, buses, families, etc but the weather over the last week and a half had made the place pretty inaccessible. But no less beautiful.

It was the perfect opportunity to try out the new iPhone X’s camera (you can decide what you think from the photos).

The snow and mist made this usually familiar trail completely unrecognisable – like an Icelandic fjord or something out of Middle Earth. There was no wind but the rain got so heavy at one point that the lake burst its banks and the river became a genuine threat. But we trudged through snow, ice and rivers to see what this usually busy and lusciously green valley had to offer – and we were not disappointed!

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Inside The Ritz

Inside The Ritz

I promised myself I would start 2018 as I meant to go on and if that meant Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, then so be it. (Spoiler, nothing has really come close to it in the two weeks since).

The Ritz is an institution of tea, brioche sandwiches and homemade cakes, its only competitor being the likes of Claridge’s. If you do plan to go, I would recommend booking it, and booking it early as, although they have four sittings a day, it is extremely popular.


We arrived a little early due to the Mayor’s New Year’s Parade and were seated in the lounge which allowed me some time to take some sneaky photos. Photography is allowed but you’re asked to take your shots discreetly.

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Why I Went to London

Why I Went to London

Note: this is probably not the most curated post I’ve ever written, I’m extremely sleep deprived but I wanted to get it out while it was still fresh in my head.

This day last week was a hard one. Not in terms that something bad had happened but I was struggling to keep myself motivated to do anything. At all. I was bored. My job had finished and everything else was gradually coming to an end or were just simply unsatisfying. So on a whim, I booked a four day trip to London.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a natural response when I want to “get away from things”. It’s just for once in my life, I had the means and the funds to do it. So why the f*** not.

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Difficult Decisions

Difficult Decisions

We all come across them. Those niggling little choices that you have to make, most often in a short time frame. I’m an expert at avoiding them and that usually means that the longer it gets, the harder it is to bite the bullet and just decide.

I knew once I finished college that difficult decisions would arise but I definitely didn’t think they would come around this fast (lol @ me for naivety).

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Discovering Dublin Again

Discovering Dublin Again

Before I write anything, I must check that I’m not violating any trademarks with ‘Discover Dublin’ (edit: I am but as long as the good folks at the tourist board don’t find this, I am fine).

So it’s been ages since I last blogged and that is purely because I’ve been so bogged down trying to find a job as well as being hit by a little bit of writers’ block.

Now that the job is secure, but the writer’s block is still persisting, I’ve decided to pop up a post of just a few things I spotted whilst walking around Dublin on the first real day of Autumn last week.

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What I Miss About San Francisco

What I Miss About San Francisco

I talk about living in California so much that you’d think I’d spent my whole life there. My friends often quip me with “oh my god, were you in California?” even when I mention it in passing – you know who you are. They think that I had some sort of soul-searching there, which is true, I did learn a lot about myself and life after college, and that came from both good and bad experiences but that trip was only what I can describe as a partial catalyst to who I am now.

San Francisco, for a few short months, became my second home and even though I’ve moved out and lived elsewhere since, I don’t miss campus half as much as I miss the laid back vibe of the city by the bay.

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