Things my Therapist Taught Me

  • You can hide away in a cabin in the woods all you want but your problems will be waiting for you when you get back. The best thing to do is face them.
  • Anxiety cannot and does not last forever – that fear you have before a compulsion cannot last for the rest of your life. It will subside.
  • Mental health comes in waves. You’ll have ups and downs
  • Medication alone will not fix you. It’s an ingredient in the recipe.
  • Progress is not linear. Progress is not linear. Progress is not linear.
  • That “fright” we get sometimes when we see something that confirms our fears is hormonal, not heart-related (ie, you’re not going to die. not yet.)
  • No one is as obsessed with you as you are with yourself
  • Our self critic sometimes paints us in a way that is the opposite to who we really are – you think you’re stupid, selfish and ugly? Nah.
  • Small steps are important no matter what direction you’re going in.
  • Instead of engaging in a compulsion – write down what your OCD is telling you in order to engage with it. Review at the end of the week. Find the similarities.
  • Success is not a zero-sum game. Just because someone else has “made it” doesn’t mean you can’t make it either.
  • Social media is mindless – people like things because they like things, there is no deeper or hidden meaning
  • Object permanence – just because someone isn’t giving you attention doesn’t mean they no longer like you
  • Don’t take on emotional responsibility until you know you can handle it
  • Food is food – there is no good or bad. It’s there to fuel you and you choose how to fuel yourself
  • Society is terrified of successful women and thus, some women find it hard to reconcile the success of other women. The patriarchy like pitting us against each other.
  • Approach things with a sense of wonder – not defeat
  • As an OCD sufferer, trusting yourself is the single most difficult thing to do – start small
  • Journal – you don’t have to write down the difficult stuff – no one is forcing you to write about certain topics. Just write what you like.
  • The less OCD compulsions you take part in, the more the OCD grip lessens
  • Feelings are not facts. Thoughts are not fact.
  • Social media delivers a dopamine hit and is the reason why you might feel drained after prolonged use with nothing exciting happening.
  • Stop basing your self worth on what other’s think
  • The “better self” you continually aspire to is bringing you down – what’s wrong with who you are at the exact moment
  • Being jealous and comparing yourself to others says far more about what you think about yourself than about the other person.
  • Stop punishing yourself doing things you know will bring you anxiety
  • Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing
  • Stand up for yourself – let people know it’s not ok to walk over you
  • Block him
  • Stop trying to control your emotions
  • People don’t always see you the way you think they do
  • Stop projecting how you feel about yourself onto other people
  • Humans are programmed to search for danger in all interactions
  • Social media exploits your brain which is programmed to scan for threats and rewards
  • Your pain is personal but not unique – lots of people get it
  • Pinterest is the devil for people constantly striving to better themselves and getting disappointed in the process

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