On Celebrating the Small Things

There are many things in life we take for granted. Especially the small things. And as things in this world are not exactly wholly positive, it’s now more than ever that we should celebrate the small things. And yeah, it’s a bit of an erroneous list to write but why should we not do things for the fear of other people finding it cheesy?

I’m making a better effort to celebrate the small things in life like…

When the crowds and stragglers finally clear and you can take a photo you can be proud of

When you get onto the train just seconds before the doors close (or when the bus driver waits for you). Bonus points if you get a seat upstairs at the very front.

When the sun comes out on a cool day and warms your face

When you finally have that chance to overtake a slow car and have endless empty road in front of you

When you get 10/10 stamps on your coffee shop loyalty card

When you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while and find that one thing that gets your soul moving again

When you catch your reflection in the mirror and actually like what you see (!!)

When you meet someone who inspires you and they’re just as wonderful in real life

When you find the most incredible cup of coffee just metres from your home

When you make the most incredible cup of coffee at home

Early mornings where you’ve completed half your day before 10am

Sleeping in when you know you have an extra day off to make up for it.

When you imagine how you would adapt, cast and direct your favourite book (and get notions that you could definitely do it)

When someone takes a nice photo of you that isn’t a selfie or posed

When something between you and another person is acknowledged with a simple look or word or gesture and the tension and worry lifts

When you check your bank balance and see you have more than you thought

When a stranger compliments you (especially on something you weren’t entirely sure of when you first bought it/made it)

When you find a song (or story) that expresses exactly how you have been feeling

When you have read enough books to finally say you have a favourite author (hi, Sally Rooney)

When you’ve rehearsed something a million times and perform it better than any rehearsal

When you finally read something or see something that strikes a chord and your perception changes for the better.

When, after months or even years of dedication, saving and perseverance, you reach a goal, a place, a state of being and it’s even better than you imagined.




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