5 Ways to kind of be a Better Person

We all want to be a better person. Unless you think you are the *best* person and if so, you probably need to work on your humility.

I often find myself wishing I was better but better at what, I don’t know. Sometimes I get frustrated that even when I’m trying my absolute best, I’m not improving and nothing is changing, whether it’s with work, friendships, family relationships or things I do day to day. I have an image in my head as to what I want and immediately lament that I’m too dumb/stupid/lazy/incompetent to do it. And then I wind up with low confidence which feeds the circle of “I want to be better” and we start all over again.

I was going through articles I’d saved on my laptop but never read and I came across this one by the New York Times and decided to do my own. NYT had some good pointers in there but I think there are a few that should have notable mentions.

The idea is to improve small things in your life. Not to take on many huge projects at once but work on what you have. Starting out simply rather than anything life changing seems to be the way to go. And all of the below things have helped me improve who I am in most aspects of my life (as cheesy and cliché as they are).

Get Outside

I don’t need to tell you how important getting fresh air is but for me, it’s been incredible. I find I can think better, make better decisions, rationalise things and generally am more alert than I am when I’m stuck in the office. I get all my good ideas outside. And I find that I am a much better person to deal with after a walk or any time outside.

Be Open

I’m really trying this thing of keeping my mind open. Not to jump to conclusions or to judge or just shut down an idea before it’s been fleshed out. It’s hard sometimes, your brain is constantly trying to protect you from the worst case scenario so shutting down is often the preferable thing to do but if we keep doing that, we don’t really experience life apart from what is inside our heads.


It doesn’t matter what it is, just read. You’ll discover entire new worlds and points of view. You’ll find your next obsession or something to protest against. Your world opens up when you read. You’ll be more sympathetic, more understanding, more logical. And you might just get a good story out of it too.


Ok yeah cheesy but

I’ve been trying this more and I’ve been happier and it’s probably a placebo effect but watch how it changes you even just for a moment.

Say ‘Fuck It’ more

To making plans

To cancelling plans

To your boss (but maybe not to their face)

To your boyfriend/girlfriend

To concert tickets

To flights

To long road trips

To feelings and emotions.

Just fuck it and do it.


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