A Tolkien of Modernity

If you don’t know me, you won’t know that I’ve recently fallen into a Hobbit shaped hole which I don’t really want to crawl out of just yet. I’ve become so enthralled with it that I’ve noticed it creeping into my style choices – which given the other worldly aesthetic, probably isn’t such a bad idea.

(Tolkien may have said all that is gold does not glitter but I don’t think at that stage he’d seen any of Chupi’s pieces yet)

Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to throw everything I’ve been inspired by lately into one post – perhaps you’ll find a little modern Tolkien inspiration too? Let’s just be thankful Smeagol isn’t around anymore (this is a terrible joke, I’m sorry)

Let me know if you find anything else that’s perfect!

Faye Gown | Folkster

Just The Two Of Us | Chupi

Ellery Beaded Belt | Folkster

Gold Sequin Flower Anklet | New Look


Helen James Considered Wild Rhubarb Candle | Dunnes

Cream Matera Duvet | Dunnes

Beccaa Harmony Ruffle High Neck Dress | Brown Thomas


Reach for the Stars Necklace | Chupi

Believe in Magic Necklace | Chupi

Floral Belt/Headband | Folkster

Embossed Floral Vase | Anthropologie


Liberty for Anthropologie Mug | Anthropologie

Bloom iPhone Case | Urban Outfitters 

Gem Embellished Pendent Necklace | Anthropologie


Milla Gown | Folkster

Buncha Flowers iPhone Case  | Urban Outfitters 

Your Northern Star Ring | Chupi

Hummingbird Print Bedding Set  | M&S


Beaded Hair Slide | Folkster

Solid Gold Sparkle in the Wild Fiery Grey Diamond | Chupi

Banana Leaf Trinket Dish | Urban Outfitters

Grazia Flower Dress | Brown Thomas


Pile Side Plate | Anthropologie

Salem Beaded Belt | Folkster

New Traditions Mug | Anthropologie

Sarena Skirt | Folkster

Fia Gown | Folkster

Infinity Twig Ring | Chupi

2 thoughts on “A Tolkien of Modernity

  1. YES. I have also been totally obsessed with all things Tolkien lately. This wasn’t helped by my recent trip to New Zealand where I did every possible LOTR tour of the North Island (Hobbiton was amaaazing). I’m loving your jewellery choices here!

    Gaby x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gal, I’m not going to lie, your Hobbiton post semi-inspired this post! I can’t wait to visit it myself. Thanks so much and I’m loving the new blog! xx


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