A Tolkien of Modernity

If you don’t know me, you won’t know that I’ve recently fallen into a Hobbit shaped hole which I don’t really want to crawl out of just yet. I’ve become so enthralled with it that I’ve noticed it creeping into my style choices – which given the other worldly aesthetic, probably isn’t such a bad idea.

(Tolkien may have said all that is gold does not glitter but I don’t think at that stage he’d seen any of Chupi’s pieces yet)

Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to throw everything I’ve been inspired by lately into one post – perhaps you’ll find a little modern Tolkien inspiration too? Let’s just be thankful Smeagol isn’t around anymore (this is a terrible joke, I’m sorry)

Let me know if you find anything else that’s perfect!

Faye Gown | Folkster

Just The Two Of Us | Chupi

Ellery Beaded Belt | Folkster

Gold Sequin Flower Anklet | New Look


Helen James Considered Wild Rhubarb Candle | Dunnes

Cream Matera Duvet | Dunnes

Beccaa Harmony Ruffle High Neck Dress | Brown Thomas


Reach for the Stars Necklace | Chupi

Believe in Magic Necklace | Chupi

Floral Belt/Headband | Folkster

Embossed Floral Vase | Anthropologie


Liberty for Anthropologie Mug | Anthropologie

Bloom iPhone Case | Urban Outfitters 

Gem Embellished Pendent Necklace | Anthropologie


Milla Gown | Folkster

Buncha Flowers iPhone Case  | Urban Outfitters 

Your Northern Star Ring | Chupi

Hummingbird Print Bedding Set  | M&S


Beaded Hair Slide | Folkster

Solid Gold Sparkle in the Wild Fiery Grey Diamond | Chupi

Banana Leaf Trinket Dish | Urban Outfitters

Grazia Flower Dress | Brown Thomas


Pile Side Plate | Anthropologie

Salem Beaded Belt | Folkster

New Traditions Mug | Anthropologie

Sarena Skirt | Folkster

Fia Gown | Folkster

Infinity Twig Ring | Chupi

3 thoughts on “A Tolkien of Modernity

  1. YES. I have also been totally obsessed with all things Tolkien lately. This wasn’t helped by my recent trip to New Zealand where I did every possible LOTR tour of the North Island (Hobbiton was amaaazing). I’m loving your jewellery choices here!

    Gaby x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gal, I’m not going to lie, your Hobbiton post semi-inspired this post! I can’t wait to visit it myself. Thanks so much and I’m loving the new blog! xx


  2. Is that the correct quote? omg had absolutely no idea!
    almost as bad as saying “for all intents and purpose” as “for all intensive purposes”


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