February 2.0

February feels like that first breath of fresh air you get when you get off the plane that is January. It’s like suffering through 31 days of turbulence, not really knowing when you’ll hit the ground, if at all, and only happy once the 1st of February’s brief string of days roll around in the form of the seatbelt light going off.

I know where I was going with this, I promise.

The days are getting brighter which means that I no longer leave for work in the dead of night and arrive home in the dead of night. The air feels fresher (though the weather is still yoyoing), everyone seems to be in a better mood, and it’s fine to start “spring cleaning” because hey, it’s technically Spring if you live on this island.

I’ve been beyond busy with work, gym, and drama (the good kind) that I’ve barely had a moment to myself amidst rehearsals, fighting for treadmills, and receiving cold calls from stationery suppliers in the back end of nowhere.

So here’s what’s keeping me aliving and thriving in February:


Ok, have you stopped laughing now? Great. Yes, I joined the gym.  Yes, I’m committed to it. And yes, that’s only because there’s money involved. I feel like my materialistic self would cry if she saw the direct debit go out every month and not get anything in return. I’m already seeing an improvement – it really does help with the stress – and I swear there’s no better feeling than coming out of the gym on an absolute HIGH. If I have any advice from the last month, it’s getting a gym buddy. They will push you, motivate you, and will quell the fears of “oh my god I should NOT be here”.

What spurred me to do this? Carly did.


I’m an only child. I often got bored when I was younger. I got into drawing/painting/anything. I’m now back to painting. Here’s something I made earlier:


3. Hair Scarves

I picked up what now seems to be a man’s handkerchief in J Crew last month (I looked it up, it’s a bandana) but doubles up as an amazing hair scarf that you’d need to fight me for. They’ve sold out of the one I have but this elephant print one is just as sweet


4. Acting

Last but not least (and this is the one I’m most excited about), I’m back in amateur theatre, AND *drum roll*, I’m back auditioning for drama school! I’m only looking at part-time courses for now as I am not giving up my job but I can’t convey how excited I am to go back to my first real love. It’s been five years since I last auditioned for an acting college so I’ve a lot of prep to do, and thankfully a lot of time, and I can’t wait to share with you all the wonderful things that come out of it!

PS: this is the new show I’m in

EDIT: Lord of The Rings

Oh I am so sorry I ever joked about this. I’m reading it, I love it. I love it so so much.

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