Balenciaga at the V&A

I’m not going to lie here. I didn’t know a whole lot about Balenciaga before I went into this exhibit. I had only heard of Balenciaga once in a Halsey song.

I visited the V&A last May just a few days after this exhibit opened and I was too broke to go. As in, I couldn’t spare the £12 to buy an entry ticket. It looked so beautiful from the outside, and a few people I knew had seen it, but I knew that if I wanted to make it back home, I really needed to stop spending money. So I made a promise to myself to come back before it closed in February 2018.

I was very lucky that I managed that.


I’m not into high fashion but I do appreciate a good design when I see it and this was the exhibition for it. The story of how Cristóbal Balenciaga came to set up his first house to how he shaped modern fashion by creating something so far removed from what others were doing at the time was truly wonderful to look at.

What was the most interesting though were the X-Rays of the dresses – showing you what exactly was inside.

IMG_6853 2.JPG


Silk taffeta evening dress with X-ray, 1955.

The exhibit not only showcased Balenciaga’s work but also pieces by other designers inspired by it.

IMG_6847 2.JPG

Evening mini-dress, Paco Rabanne, 1967.



And of course, the famous envelope dress


This was more than just a high-class fashion show. The V&A really went all out to show you how each piece was made from tweed suits to highly complicated embroidered evening dresses. The colours were incredible and you could get lost make note of every single detail. Elegant, beautiful and most definitely works of art!


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