September has been a busy one. It was the first full month at my new job which comes with its own challenges itself but also the first full month of me actively trying to find balance in my life. There were some ups and some downs (literally… I fell down the stairs) but I feel much better about things than I did one month ago.

Here are the four things this month that kept me busy:

Gilmore Girls

Dear Amy Sherman-Palladino,

I am so sorry I ever called this show boring.

I managed to binge watch the entire first season of Gilmore Girls in a week, which is impressive for me given that I was never one for Netflix binge watching and that the episodes are approx 40mins long.

But God, I am so sorry for ever calling this TV show boring.

I was only eleven when I first saw it and I guess I just didn’t get it. Why was there such a big deal over Lorelai being so young? Why on earth would you call your daughter Rory? I had pretty much judged it before I could actually mature and appreciate it.

BUT OH MY GOD, this show is phenomenal. From the scenery, to the clothes, to the early 2000s pop culture references, everything about this show is heartwarming and revitalising – like a good cup of coffee. I adore the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, the tight-knit community of Stars Hollow, the array of characters that float in and out of their lives, the struggles they face, how I want to be both Lorelai and Rory at the same time. How insane was Alexis Bledel at portraying Rory as her first ever major role? She was a pro then and a pro now.

So whilst I’ll probably do a long-winded narrative on why I love this show so much in the future, I’ll wrap it up here by saying that this is the perfect show to settle down with for the Autumn/Winter seasons.


Water Intake

September was my ‘I should definitely start drinking water’ month and it’s quite honestly the best thing I’ve every forced myself to do. Yes, it was something I had to force myself to do for quite a while before the habit kicked in.

A month ago, I was the worst at getting my daily intake of anything but when I started my new job and working longer hours, I thought that increasing my water intake wouldn’t hurt. Now, I can’t imagine life without it. My skin has cleared, I don’t get headaches, I rarely, if ever, feel dehydrated. I’ve lost weight (yes!), I feel more more energetic, and it’s the perfect alternative to sugar when I find myself falling asleep at the office. I’ve even noticed being sluggish at the weekends when I find myself slacking on the intake (because it’s so easy to drink water whilst sitting at a desk). I drink a 2l bottle a day, I usually just grab the off-brand ones from Spar, and I’m all set.

HOWEVER, I’m not ignoring that the taste of water can become boring after a while, so I’ve been mixing my water with a little of the no added sugar Robinsons Squash’d bottles to it has changed the way I view my daily water needs. The Summer Fruits one is the best by far – usually made up of raspberry, apple and blackberry. Anything citrusy and it tastes like you’re drinking a Vitamin C drink all day and that’s not as nice as it sounds

Try it for a month and tell me you’re not impressed.



I quit Twitter (for a little while)

I have a bad addiction to Twitter – not in a “omg I’m so addicted haha” way but more like, “I can’t concentrate on other things for more than 2 minutes” kind of way.

So I decided to quit it (for a little while) and after that little while, I began to realise that none of it mattered. For someone who based so much of their validation on what strangers said on the internet, on how many likes, RTs, follows I got; taking that step outside of that world helped me understand that outside of Twitter, no one really cared.

Sure, there were things that are legitimate issues worth caring about, like Donald Trump and Puerto Rico, Repeal the 8th, or other tragic events around the world but the little numbers soon stopped being something I based my sole worth on.

The bottom line is that you can be happy with yourself without the validation of others. You could have 250k followers online with plenty of people to hang on your every word but unless you’re a genuinely nice and caring person to the real world, does it matter? Or rather, is the only way to show people how hilarious/pretty/opinionated/revolutionary/innovative/talented you are through the means of a Tweet or Instagram? No way. You just be.

Sorry not sorry for being preachy but it’s something close to my heart.



I’ve become much better at organising myself lately, partly thanks to my job forcing me to improve my organisational skills and also of this new “write everything down” approach I’ve been taking. I got a new 18 month agenda (this one – I got mine in Brown Thomas but it appears to be out of stock now) in which I write absolutely e v e r y t h i n g down in – from work to personal life and everything in between. Here, I keep all my ideas, wish lists, to do lists, list of friends I should get in touch with, so that when I open it up, everything is there. It’s become like a little life bible and I’m so grateful to past Sinead for doing it.

I now even dedicate time to sitting down and reviewing my agenda, adding in things that have popped up during the week, making daily to-do lists, and sussing out free evenings and picking a friend to hang out with. It’s so simple, I know but the simplicity of having everything in one place has really made my life so much easier.



One thought on “September

  1. rewatching Gilmore Girls as an adult is changing my life!! Cannot believe all the jokes I missed. And sadly sometimes I am seeing my own mother and I’s relationship in Loralie and her mom.


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