Year Update

Note: this may be a tad bit boring but it keeps my goals for this site in check!

It’s been a full year since I started writing here and here are a few things I’ve learned:

  1. I enjoy it more than I thought. Even just getting words out onto a page has done wonders for my thinking process and decision-making abilities.
  2. The response has been second to none. I’ve had many people come forward and thank me for something I wrote. Many others have stuck their head around the door to see if I was alright. It’s brought me closer to my friends and has opened up discussion on topics we are still too afraid to talk about, like feeling lost/lonely, financial problems, and extreme anxiety.
  3. I’ve met/spoken to some incredible people. I’ve had total strangers reach out to me who have since become friends. I’ve reached out to people whom I have looked up to for their writing for years. I’ve been inspired by the incredible and diverse community that’s out there and they have been there through the writers’ block, the frustration, and the tears.
  4. I want to keep doing this. I haven’t fallen out of love with it like I have with other blogs and I think that’s purely because I’m writing about what I know and what I feel. And I want to be more open about what I write about. After all, I am writing for myself, not for money, sponsorship, or affiliates.

What I Want To Do:

  1. Be More Consistent. I want plow through this block and keep writing content I love. I’m branching out into doing schedules and keeping a list of good post ideas that come into my head. No more posts that sound the same.
  2. Have other people write. I want to expand and invite others to share their opinions on the big issues, to give another side of a story, or simply to share with you things that they have experienced.
  3. Work a lot harder at it. More photos, more genuine thoughts, more diverse content. Make this into a ‘bible’ somewhat rather than a rambling collection of my thoughts.
  4. Not sacrifice quality for quantity.
  5. More ‘me’. Someone said this to me earlier in the year and I promise to include more of what I do, more of my own photos, and more of my own daily experiences – without getting too tedious! There is a face behind all of this after all.
  6. Keep myself inspired through what I write and read. There’s always more to learn. There are always more opportunities to get that rush of excitement when 2 and 2 come together. Keep exploring, keep my mind open, and keep going against the wind.

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