8 Simple Lessons for 8 Difficult Months

I’m keeping this very short and sweet – probably the ninth lesson I’ve learned this year if I were to count it. Life is short, time is short, talk less, convey more.

Eight Simple Lessons for Eight Difficult Months:

1. The only thing that matters in life are the people

We can plug all our money into material things, into things that give us temporary happiness, into our social identity and social media following but when the novelty wears off, what is left? We just crave the feeling more and more.

I don’t know about anyone else but I feel most happy and grateful when I am surrounded by people. And this is something I’m going to invest my time in more. Less online chat, online shopping, virtual reality, and more real life.

2. Social media can be off-putting

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. You put more on social media to impress more people but it has the opposite effect. Increased visibility can feel like intrusion of privacy. Especially when the entire world is talking but no one is listening. Be mindful.

Or fuck what they think and post what you want, the choice is yours, I really don’t care.

3. Take care of things as you go

From the little things (like cleaning up as you go) to the big things (like putting money into a savings account as soon as you are paid). They go a long, long way.

4. Stop breathing your emotions into everything – do things for you

Stop taking things so fucking personally. Like I said, most people are so self absorbed that they don’t think of you, or are really just projecting their emotions onto you (like a stressed teacher/colleague giving out to you for something small that otherwise would not have caught their attention). It’s not a critique of you as a person, it’s a reflection on them.

Additional: Never apologise for what you feel. Ever.

5. Accept uncertainty for what it is

It’s here. It sucks. You can’t predict the future. Or even the next minute for that fact. So take it second by second. It took eight years of undiagnosed OCD for me to realise that.

Additional additional: you. cannot. know. what. life. will. throw. at. you. so do the best with what you have and keep your mind open. It’s rhetoric, I know but it’s important.

6. Being a boss does not mean you can be a bitch

You can assert your power without putting people down. In fact, that’s an extremely admirable trait. Be the person a friend/colleague would love to be around, not someone who gives them knots in their stomach every morning.

7. Approach your heart with caution

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The human heart can be fragile, treat it well. If you need to take time out, do so. Your heart doesn’t need to be in love with someone else to be happy. Just fall in love with your fucking self for once.

8. No one cares about what you think.

Nope. Not really. Does your opinion about Trump keep someone else awake at night? (If so, they seriously need to figure out their priorities). Does someone’s opinion of something mundane bother you endlessly? We have so many more better things to occupy our minds with. Seek things that enhance you, not enrage you.

Additional additional additional: one rule breaks this – don’t spend your life with someone who thinks the last 10 series of The Simpsons were good.


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