Why I Went to London

Why I Went to London

Note: this is probably not the most curated post I’ve ever written, I’m extremely sleep deprived but I wanted to get it out while it was still fresh in my head.

This day last week was a hard one. Not in terms that something bad had happened but I was struggling to keep myself motivated to do anything. At all. I was bored. My job had finished and everything else was gradually coming to an end or were just simply unsatisfying. So on a whim, I booked a four day trip to London.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a natural response when I want to “get away from things”. It’s just for once in my life, I had the means and the funds to do it. So why the f*** not.

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Why You Should Journal

Why You Should Journal

There’s a joke in my house that I can’t leave the house without acquiring one or two notebooks. And it’s more or less true. I adore them.

I can’t go into TK Maxx anymore without making a beeline for the stationary section and coming out, arms laden with beautiful but inexpensive hardbacked journals of varying degrees of colour. Paperchase is a must-avoid for me when I’m broke – but when has that ever stopped me. Muji. Don’t get me started on Muji.

So judging by my love affair of these things, it’s only natural that I got into bullet journaling.

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This hit me about an hour ago.

It’s something we all can relate to and it’s not necessarily a good thing but lately, I’ve found myself acting passive. As in, letting people have their way instead of standing up for myself.

I’m not talking about major decisions or work related stuff – I can hold my ground on that – I’m talking more about how I interact with the world around me.

For example, if someone is walking behind me, even slightly close to me, I’ll jump to the side to let them pass in almost fear. Or if someone doesn’t respond on Facebook, letting that make me feel pointless and annoying and taken for granted.

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