I’m feeling pretty confident lately. And that’s big for me to admit. I, more likely than not (read: always), can’t go through a day without giving myself some kind of negative comment or criticism.

To be fair, we all do it. And I know I should be kinder to myself but often, I’m just not in the mood. Being stuck in a rut or not knowing where you’ll be next week does take its toll.

But I have plenty of reasons to smile at the moment. I just got a new job that I love, I was nominated for best young actress at the one-act festival I was in, and the most important thing, I’m binge watching a really good show. Okay, it’s Bob’s Burgers but it’s still binge-worthy, don’t @ me.

In Ireland, we generally think the first of February as the first day of spring. I can think of several reasons as to why and why not this should be but as it’s inherently ingrained in you as a young Irish kid, I’m going to stick with it. Spring heralds a lot of things: new beginnings, clear outs, change of habits, etc.  I think it’s hard to not see spring as a source of inspiration. An ‘out with the old’ kind of thing. And lately, that’s what seems to be happening.

My goals for this season are pretty simple and perhaps a little clichéd:

Keeping clean

I don’t mean in terms of hygiene, I think I’m fine in those terms, but in terms of mind, food, living space, etc. Keeping a clear, fresh and healthy mind, eating better or simply cutting out the crap, and giving myself room to breathe, physically and mentally.

Yeah, I know the cool thing right now is all this clean stuff, clean eating, mindfulness and so on, but there’s nothing wrong in wanting something better for yourself. And with the last few years, and even decade, of what I can only describe as, well, badly cooked leftovers (you know, warm in some places and dead cold in others), I think it’s pretty much time to take back the peace I missed.

I’m also changing things up.

  • I’m moving from being on stage to being backstage.
  • I’m way more active.
  • I’m prioritising a lot more.
  • I’m saying no a lot more.
  • I’ve had to put a lot into perspective, especially what I should do regarding my immediate and long-term future. And that’s not all that easy.
  • I’m approaching things with more of a can-do attitude than before.
  • I’m cutting out processed sugar (lol).
  • I’m using bullet points more.
  • The last one was a joke.

My idea of the perfect season is for me to keep doing these things, putting ‘fresh’ over old/bad habits, not chasing the things I’m not sure on, and just going for what I want.In a way, I’m going to be totally selfish. And hopefully that way, I can inspire others to do the same.

I’m sounding like a cheap ex-Disney singer’s book entailing their ‘journey so far’ written by an L.A. ghostwriter, amn’t I? Demi, I’m looking at you.





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