Acing That Interview

Acing That Interview

I’d be lying if I said interviews were enjoyable. Well, half lying. Depends on the interviewer, of course. Sometimes you click with someone the minute you meet, perhaps as you walk up the stairs to their office or as you sit down in the windowless room. Other times, your attempts of breaking the ice fall so flat that you wonder why you’re even there at all.

We’ve all been there.

I once had an interview where the employer disagreed with everything I said. Everything. Needless to say, she didn’t call back. And I’m delighted she didn’t.

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Top Pins To Boost Your Confidence

Top Pins To Boost Your Confidence

I’m an avid pinner.

What woman in her early 20s isn’t?

Okay, a few but it’s only a FEW.

Pinterest manages to crowd source any kind of article you need complete with #inspo pictures or photos. But how many of us pin things and don’t revisit them? I have a habit of seeing something, thinking “I’ll read that later”, pinning it, and then never thinking about it again.

So lately, I’ve been scrolling back through my mountains of pins and boards and picking out some that I’ve found useful, especially as I feel I’ve been in a sour rut lately.

Here are the best ones I’ve seen so far:

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Difficult Decisions

Difficult Decisions

We all come across them. Those niggling little choices that you have to make, most often in a short time frame. I’m an expert at avoiding them and that usually means that the longer it gets, the harder it is to bite the bullet and just decide.

I knew once I finished college that difficult decisions would arise but I definitely didn’t think they would come around this fast (lol @ me for naivety).

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The day I went to the 3Arena alone

The day I went to the 3Arena alone

Last night, I went to something in the 3 Arena. On my own.

The 3 Arena has a capacity of about 10,000 people. That’s a lot of people. And a lot of space for it to be daunting.

I didn’t know anyone else – at the time of booking – who enjoyed The Tenderloins (most commonly known as the Impractical Jokers).

Like, no one.

I usually watched the show with my Dad or whilst curled up on the couch after having a shit day. Dad didn’t want to go and I didn’t want to go on my own. So when they announced their tour, I had kind of written it off.

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Getting Yourself Together

Getting Yourself Together

Given it’s the new year, and a time of change, and the fact that bad things are happening in the world right now, I thought I’d try to inject some positivity and motivation into the air.

January is crap, we all know that. The lack of light can cause your mind and body to do all kind of things – amazing in a way but not so much when you’re experiencing them.

So if you feel like you need a little push in getting yourself together for 2017, I have the post for you. It’s a “masterpost” of sorts, a guideline of what to do when you’re an adult, whether you’re in college or not.

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