Solutions not Resolutions

I love starting afresh. Like, I really, really love it. There’s something therapeutic about cleaning the slate entirely and starting over. I have a habit of doing it too often, though. Or promising myself that I’ll do it and then not taking any of my new resolutions on board. I’d start with too many ideas, I’ll promise to do X, Y and Z.

In reality, half way into January, I would have given up on X, got rid of Y, and not even thought about Z.

So instead of making resolutions for the new year, I’m going to provide myself with solutions. Essentially, instead of telling myself what I will do, I’m figuring out what’s not working for me right now, highlighting problem areas and fixing them.

My goal for 2017 is to grow the fuck up. Yes, genuinely. I’m seven months out of college now and if there’s a time to get a hold of my life and affairs, it’s pretty much right now. There are a good few things that are working for me but a whole lot of things that aren’t. And if I plan to move country in a few months, I seriously need to step up a gear.

Just a few examples of what’s not working for me/what’s holding me back:

  • My method of saving money
  • My unrealistic expectation of moving abroad
  • My lack of motivation
  • My need to find a new job
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of exercise

So to begin, I wrote down all the problem areas in my life, anything that niggled at me and that I needed a solution to (note that it’s pretty much all areas of my life, and that’s ok). Health, Professional, Financial, Blog, Social, Self, Creativity, and Travel. I noted what wasn’t working in each area such as lack of exercise, lack of money, blog inactivity, need new job, etc.

The next bit was breaking down each of these problems and creating steps to solve them. I learned this technique in a mental health course I took in college that really should be mandatory for any young person. So lack of exercise meant breaking it down into the why I wasn’t getting enough ie, lack of time/motivation, and then solving that issue. Then, creating a small step by step plan to solve the problem as a whole.

So essentially:

lack of time = highlighting in my diary when my free time was = giving myself a goal of 4 30min walks/runs in a period of 7 days = allocate exercise to four of these free time slots I had, having spares in case I missed one.

lack of motivation = tiredness = go to bed earlier = diet related? = drink one less cup of coffee a day, etc

I stress, the steps are small, we’re talking, ‘Monday 5.30, do X’ kind of thing, not ‘take up kickboxing’ (as much as I would love to do that). It’s very much on a day-by-day basis. But small steps work.

Things became more realistic this way. Instead of resolving to “exercise more” or “save more”, I now had a solution, a step-by-step plan on how this was going to happen, and I felt a bit more secure.

The last thing I want is a few months down the line not being prepared for what life is throwing at me because I’ve been there too many times this year.

What are your solutions this year?





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