Mr Men and Little Miss at Arnotts

I’ve been so ridiculously busy.

No, scratch that, I’ve been incredibly ridiculously busy.

(But I love it)

It’s great to be working again, especially in a department store like Arnott’s. I’m working with a brand that gives me plenty of opportunities to meet new people and be creative AND have fun. I really couldn’t ask for more.

When I tell people what brand I work with, most of them say “oh of course you do” and if you’ve ever met me, you’ll know why. I’m working with the Mr Men and Little Miss store in Arnott’s, Henry St.  The colours, the characters, they all fit my personality so well, or so I have been told, and it’s where my childish creative side can really shine (at least for the creative part. They’re not so keen on childish when it comes to sorting out cash).

So, because I love what I do so much, I thought I’d fill you in on all that’s going on.

Arnott’s are now doing customised Mr Men and Little Miss merchandise until Christmas! How cool is that. I loved the books when I was younger (my first book was Little Miss Naughty and I think that says enough). I came back into contact with them when I worked my first job at a bookstore, where we used to read picture books to kids. Little did I know that they were still rolling out new characters. Little Miss Hug is probably the most popular character to join the team (and definitely my favourite).

So in collaboration with Art You Grew Up With and Sanrio, licensed by The Hargreaves family, Selfridges have opened up a concession in Arnott’s where you can get your favourite Mr Men or Little Miss character with your name on it.



How cute are they?

They do mugs, phone cases (iPhone 5, 6, 6+, 7, 7+ and Samsung Galaxy 6 and 7), small prints, large prints, and a family print where you can choose a character for each member of your family and it’s printed on a background of Dublin or a Christmas scene. We’ll also be taking orders online (I’ll update you on that as soon as I know). Great idea if you can never find your name on anything! And the best part is, they’re all done in 30mins. Yes, really.


ARNOTTSDublin Xmas - Family Portrait.jpg.001.jpeg


The concession is open until Christmas Eve!

Topshop on Oxford St are doing customised Hello Kitty merch too so if you’re across the pond, check it out!

Who was your favourite Mr Men or Little Miss?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post however, I am working with this concession!

One thought on “Mr Men and Little Miss at Arnotts

  1. Due to popular demand, the pop-up personalisation station from Little Miss and Mr Men will once again return to Arnotts this season. The affable brand is renowned for its much loved book series and this year at Arnotts, customers will be able to personalise mugs (€20), art prints (from €20), pencil cases, lunchboxes and more.


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