10 Ways I Tackle Boredom

It’s something we’re all familiar with. That feeling of staleness, of repeating the motions to the point you can do them in your sleep. It’s not pleasant. And often, we’re sucked into it before we even know it. It’s exactly how I’m feeling at the moment.

I’m in that all too familiar limbo period between getting a job and waiting for it to start. I don’t have the finances to take a short break or to do something different every single day. I get up late, I wander around until I decide to go get a coffee and waste some more time until my rehearsals begin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely loving this time off from college and work life, it’s what 21 year old me would have died for, but there are days when I have this little bubble of sadness in my chest at how I have nothing to do.

What doesn’t help is that almost all my friends are not in the same boat. The majority are back in university, the others at full-time work. I’m incredibly proud of them, unbelievably so, but it can sometimes mean it’s hard to share my worries with them when they are not entirely in the same circumstances.

Then again, I’m probably not doing much to help myself. And of course, that can lead to low-ebb days creeping back in, especially given the time of year. I’m not getting half as much exercise as I usually do (and it’s showing – christ), I’m not eating well – if at all – due to irregular sleeping patterns, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the confines of my home town due to travel expenses and I have hardly seen anyone. Constant checking of social media just leads to constant disappointment every time there are no new notifications – that can mess with your head. I know what you’re thinking – it’s a recipe for a small meltdown.

And it’s affecting me immensely. I have no desire to meet people, I am all out of blog ideas, I have no motivation, and get irritated so easily. My eating habits just evolve into even worse eating habits. I hit rock bottom before I even realised I was spiralling.

I’ve decided to tackle this boredom in the best way I know.

By just taking a step back and doing the simple things

  1. Taking an early night with no screens, just a book
  2. Getting up early, no checking of social media, and getting outside whether it be for a walk/jog/or a run for the bus
  3. Be creative. We as humans are unique in that we can create anything with our hands. Whether that be taking photos, drawing, writing, anything. Experiencing a feeling of accomplishment is important.
  4. Eating better – even if it’s a gradual change, starting with snacks.
  5. Taking time out for that 10min mindfulness
  6. Making a to-do list of all the pressing things I’ve been avoiding for the last few weeks and actually tackling them – like answering that unopened message to taking that leap and applying for more roles.
  7. Try to spur inspiration through my usual sources (blogs, instagram, etc) and seeking out new ones.
  8. Write down all the things that people have mentioned lately – TV shows, podcasts, online courses – and actually looking at them. Though this, I’ve discovered ‘Stuff You Should Know‘, Erika Fox’s blog ‘Retro Flame‘, rediscovered South Park, and delved back into the JonBenét Ramsey case – a lot of media have picked this up lately given the 20th anniversary and much has changed since I last stumbled upon it four or five  years ago.
  9. Decorating for Halloween – I was tasked with the holiday this year as my Mum is in college. I’m in charge of getting new decorations, getting the sweets for trick-or-treaters, designing the window and carving the pumpkin. It feels wonderful as I can fully indulge in Autumn and keep occupied.
  10. Preparing for the future – and pushing through the present by indulging in a better version of the future – and putting everything in place for it to work seamlessly. You can never be too prepared.

Of course these are very individual-specific. What do you do to beat boredom? Any tips you’d like to share? I’m always looking for new ideas!

12 thoughts on “10 Ways I Tackle Boredom

  1. I find when I am stuck that doing work with my hands – building something, doing a craft, cutting grass, doing dishes – anything that frees my brain and allows it to wander helps me find my creativity again.

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  2. Those are great tips! I’ve done the catching up on social media though I try to limit my computer time too. I love making new things, so I’m currently looking at D.I.Y crafts to blog about and help decorate my room. I wake up early sometimes and make sure to get some fresh air. I love going to a park and journaling as well as exploring my city.

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    1. Exploring the city is such a good one, I completely agree! I’ve been trying to do more of it lately. And I took your tip about getting up early and I feel so much better for it! thanks so much for your tips 🙂

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