It’s been a busy week between filming, job hunting, and just generally getting my life in order post-summer. Autumn is my favourite month because I associate it with college.

Not that I miss college (I do, just a bit) but for me, it signals a slow down and refresh before the madness of Christmas and the New Year. A chance to de-cleanse after a sweaty summer, relax and renew, and the perfect time to start figuring out what to do next.

I’ve put together a quick list of seven things keep me sane and allow me to refresh through the colder months, and some suggestions in case you too are feeling that the summer has drained you.

I’ll try to make it as less a Buzzfeed listicle as I can but I make no promises.

1) Begin to plan what to do next

It’s just the right time of the year to start planning for next year and it not being too close that you’ll run out of time. For me, it’s deciding what I want to do once the Christmas/New Year celebrations are over. Whether it’ll be going stateside, which is most likely in some capacity, or applying for a masters, I feel as though the time to research these is now. It feels like ‘turning over a new leaf’ and yet avoiding that rush of enquiries in the new year.

2) Exercise

It’s mild but gradually getting colder and for me, that’s perfect exercise weather. I’m terrible at keeping hydrated so exercising in the heat is like a death sentence for me. I enjoy jogging in the cool mornings or evenings as there is usually fewer people around. It also helps ease Seasonal Affective Disorder if that’s something you find yourself suffering from.

3) Hello Customised Drinks

Again, I am a parody of myself at this stage but I love the sugar laden goodness of limited edition drinks.

4) Autumn Clean

NOW, yes right now is the ideal time to tackle all that backlogged shit from the summer, the physical and the electronic. Clearing out those suitcases (almost a month later), cleaning wardrobes, cleaning out email inboxes, Facebook messages, contact lists, Instagram followings, twitter, everything. Not to mention, a good brain clear out that comes with just focusing on the present and plenty of sleep.

5) Changing one thing in my routine

For me, it’s getting up earlier. But it can be even simpler than that, like changing your coffee order or what stop you get off for work. You’ll feel fresher even though you’ve done very little.

6) Make a list of your inspirations (and check them regularly)

I’m talking anything. From Fleetwood Mac to favourite Instagrammers, photos of where you’ve been and photos of places you want to go. Keep them handy when you’re stuck for a little boost.

Some of mine:

Scarlett Rose Turner – I’ve been following Scarlett’s Instagram for well over a year now but she’s the first port of call whenever I need a small dose of inspiration. This gal is  a filmmaker, a production designer, and what I love most, a vocal proponent of women’s’ rights. And she’s only 19. As for her photos, think 1970s, Wes Anderson, and Southern California vibes.

Carly Heitlinger  – Carly has been a huge source of inspiration for me for the last three years and she’s never failed to disappoint. Between moving to New York, adopting Teddy, meeting Garrett, and moving to Connecticut, I feel as though I’ve been with Carly every step of the way in her young adult life (in a non weird way, of course). I wrote a few months back on how one of her posts about taking time off for yourself really changed my perspective on how we use social media. It’s a post permanently bookmarked on my browser, just in case I feel myself sliding into exhaustion and anxiety.

Aside from that, Carly has been an inspiration for me throughout my college years and continues to now that I’ve graduated. I find myself checking what she did at the milestones that I am currently at in my life – and to know that at times she was just as lost as I am, is a great relief.

Cara Delevingne – Well, it’s Cara. What more is there to say?

Anything that keeps you in sane as we hit the winter months?

4 thoughts on “Autumn

    1. That’s very true – you’re totally right. And I do love dark winter mornings (I don’t know why, I’m the only one in my family who does!) But I certainly need to embrace winter a little more!


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