The last few days have been so incredibly busy that I’m writing this in the departures lounge of Dublin Airport – the first proper sit down I’ve had in a while. Between packing, going to events, and just general pre-party madness, I’ve had less time to indulge myself than I would have liked.

My unplug went really well – I needed those 24 hours off just connect again with the present world. So much of my life takes place on a screen so it was nice that whilst I was away from the keyboard, so was all the pressure and hassle of everyday life. My plan for the next few weeks is to do something similar – to completely tone down my social media usage and just experience real, tangible life again. I’m starting to envy those who don’t feel the need to overshare online.

But I’m in the departures lounge for a reason. I’m going to Berlin for a few days, followed by Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. It’s the first time in quite a while that I have never visited any of the countries these places are in. I’m used to going to the U.S. or France, U.K., Italy, etc but this is my first trip to these four specifically. So as always, any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Until then, my plan is to drink this delicious hot chocolate that the Chocolate Lounge in Terminal 2 gave me (it’s made of Maltesers!) and pray no one I know sees my chocolate ridden face.

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