A Fresh, Honest Start

So here is the start of something new.

*cue Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens singing awkwardly into switched off microphones*

No but really, this is what I call a “fresh and honest” start.

When I began blogging first, I just wrote. I wrote until I had nothing left to say. Which is absolutely fine but I gave little attention to the other components that make a blog work so well. This website is ten times user-friendly, better organised, and more high quality than anything I have produced before. Hell, I might even buy the domain name.

I thought I’d start by introducing myself. I’m going to stress, I’m not a professional twenty something year old with an exotic lifestyle – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE people who are and blog about it. It’s what got me into blogging in the first place. But, that’s not me.

I’ve just finished studying History and Political Science at Trinity College, Dublin. You know, the college where King Joffrey went to, and that has the library George Lucas was inspired by (I actually haven’t been to the Long Library even though I’ve had free entry for four long years. But we never know what we had until it’s gone, right?). I work as a part time actor, filming things here and there,  and it is my absolute number one passion in life. Seriously, there is nothing that gets me more buzzed than playing to an audience, no matter how big or small.

My transition from college to graduate life, which included moving from my nice apartment on campus bang in the middle of Dublin city centre, to our converted bungalow in the suburbs of the suburbs, was less than smooth. And soon enough after doing so, I found myself in that hellish nightmare of not having anything to do (reason one why I began this blog).

My friends had returned to their respective homes all over the world and the bus into town was an hour and a half max. I haven’t begun the job hunt quite yet and I’m currently trying to decide what I want to do for the next few years of my life – whether or not I’ll go back to full-time education or do a year in New York (I’m leaning towards the latter at the moment).

Instead of discussing the reasons why I begun afresh with this blog, I’ll actually talk about what led my other ones to fail, or led me to lose interest in them.

Firstly, I was completely terrified. I was scared of what people thought (would they laugh at me for sharing tidbits of my life online? Would they think I’m just jumping on the blogging bandwagon in hope I’ll make easy cash – which is highly unlikely thanks to the saturation of social media today – or would I be classed as a narcissist who believes her advice would change the world?).

I was worried I would do something illegal such as use a copyrighted photo or use material that was, unknowingly, not mine to use. What if employers read what I was writing and didn’t like what they saw?  What if I read what I was writing and didn’t like it?

The final, most hard-hitting reason was that I simply wasn’t writing about what I wanted to write about. I was bending over backwards trying to review beauty products and fashion lines that I had no real interest in, just to “fit into the blogging community”. I do love beauty products, I am a makeup junkie, and I do love the odd fashion tidbit here and there but reviewing every little piece I bought just to satisfy whoever was reading  it was just not fulfilling for me. I was discussing things that I thought would only get me followers, not something that would get people truly engaging.

I’m not some self-professed psychologist believing that everything I write is the word of God but neither am I a full-time fashion and beauty blogger. I have a lot of respect for people who can do that – it takes a lot of dedication and time and a hell of a lot of talent – but it’s just not for me.

So what can you expect?


And everything.

I mean it. I’m writing from the heart so one day, I may just blog about that really nice skirt I saw in Zara and blog about how I deal with self-confidence issues in the next. This is supposed to be a blog discussing life from my point of view, and like life, it will be just as unpredictable.

So, I’m ready for this new journey, are you?


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